Финансовые результаты Pure Storage

Pure Storage, производитель платформ хранения данных all flash поделился сегодня финансовыми результатами компании за второй квартал. Более подробно с отчетом можно ознакомиться здесь.

Pure Storage: Q2 FY20 Earnings Highlights


  • Pure’s second quarter yielded strong momentum as customers are selecting Pure’s modern approach that enables organizations to better utilize all data today and for the future direction of their hybrid IT environment.
  • Solid market momentum: High growth, taking share, innovating, investing for future
  • Fundamentals are strong:

– 28% year over year growth
– Gross margins >69%
– Free-Cash-Flow positive
– Deferred revenue growing – renewals strong & contracts extending

  • Customer Traction: Added more than 450 new customers in Q2, the highest number in any Q2 of our history.
  • Technology Momentum: Pure’s Cloud Data Services continues to empower customers to make the most of their data in an increasingly hybrid cloud world. The software and subscription-based Cloud Block Store beta is oversubscribed and early customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Repurchase Program: Authorized a $150 million share repurchase program.

Q2 FY20 Results

  • For the quarter, total revenue grew 28% yoy to $396.3 million.

– Product revenue grew 24% yoy to $300.1 million
– Support revenue grew 42% yoy to $96.2 million

  • Geographic sales split: 74% US / 26% International
  • Gross margin: 69.4% (vs. 68.1% last quarter)

– Product margins 70.0% (up 1.3% Q/Q)
– Service margins 67.4% (up 1.1% Q/Q)

  • Deferred revenue at the end of the quarter was $607.3 million, an increase of 47% YoY

– Driven by three ongoing key trends: meaningful year on year renewals growth, longer initial service agreement purchases, and the early traction of our ES2 product.




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